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Teletha is a Rule 31 Mediator who came to mediation with 20+ years professional experience spanning many sectors, from the local to the global level.  She has worked remotely and internationally for the past five years with people from many different contexts, cultures and countries. However, she began her career in the 1990s as a social worker working in local group homes and at the Hamilton County Juvenile Court, where she developed an early interest in mediation. It made so much sense to her as a way to resolve conflict that she completed a 40-hour course in General/Civil Mediation and considered starting a juvenile victim offender program. But alas, it was not yet meant to be. Instead, her career path led her through a variety of roles in small to large nonprofits, community-based organizations, community colleges, and international NGOs where she had the opportunity to hone her mediation-related skills through small and large group facilitation. She made a conscious decision to come back, full circle, to mediation because she truly believes in the power of mediation to resolve conflict. 


She practices collaborative mediation. That means she makes it easier for people in conflict to resolve their own issues in a way that satisfies everyone without the hassle of an expensive and time-consuming lawsuit.  Collaborative mediation gives people in conflict an uninterrupted chance to tell their side of the story while the other person listens. When people truly hear each other's perspective, perhaps for the first time, it creates the space for cooperative decision making. This type of mediation is particularly helpful when the relationship needs to be maintained and redefined in a new way.  Because self-determination and mediator neutrality are core values of collaborative mediation, parties can be assured that all decisions made in mediation are their own, and not those of a third party.  


Teletha has an undergraduate degree in social work, and a graduate degree in public administration. She has completed over 100 hours of mediation training, which includes 40 hours of training specific to the online environment. She is a volunteer mediator with the Nashville Conflict Resolution Center, a member of the strategic visioning task force for Mediators Beyond Borders International (MBBI), co-leads the Children and Youth ADR Working Group for MBBI, and is helping the International Peace Training Institute transition their in-person training to an online environment. 


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