Attorney and Civil Mediator


As a full-time Certified Mediator, Sam Robinson Jr. conducted over 1,000 in-person mediations for the State of Tennessee over the last 10 years.  Sam’s first retirement came after 38 years of a very successful law practice. He has now retired a second time from full-time mediation with the Tennessee Department of Labor to continue his highly successful mediation career in private practice with Arbitration and Mediation Services in Chattanooga.


A lifelong Chattanoogan, Sam was educated in local public and private schools, received his college degree from the University of North Carolina, and studied law at Emory University and University of Tennessee, from which he obtained his Juris Doctor degree.  Sam’s law practice was spent in many different fields of law, including contracts, bankruptcy, criminal, domestic, and personal injury litigation. The last 20 years of his practice was devoted to work with clients who had suffered injuries in motor vehicles, work-related accidents, from defective products, and medical malpractice.  


“My ethic in mediation is to work diligently and even-handedly with both sides of a dispute to help them find a pathway to settlement,” Sam says.  “Success means that both sides are spared the long, drawn-out and expensive process of having to go through a court trial, testify in depositions, and be subject to the whims of jurors.  I am proud to say that I have helped hundreds of people settle their cases and avoid court over the last 10 years.”


Sam’s direct style, combined with his ability to be objective and look at a case from the outside, allows him to patiently guide both sides through the process to a mutually beneficial conclusion.


Sam and his wife, Sally, have devoted years in service to the community.  Sam served as a member of the Hamilton County Commission and the Erlanger Hospital Board, and Sally as a leader in arts and education, the development of the city’s vibrant downtown, and as a three-term member of the Chattanooga City Council.  Their four children were raised in Chattanooga, where they continue to reside with the grandchildren.


Bringing peaceful resolution to disputes allows Sam to serve both plaintiffs and defendants, saving time and money, allowing the parties to get back to their lives as quickly as possible.