We like to be easy to work with and as accommodating as possible. However, we also have to make a living. Therefore, we have a few policies you should know about:



When you schedule an appointment for an Arbitration or a Mediation, we hold both an Arbitrator or Mediator’s time and a lot of space for you all day. This means we can’t book anyone else for that entire day with that Arbitrator or Mediator or anyone else in those rooms. If you don’t show, we lose money. That’s why we need you to cancel or reschedule at least 3 business days in advance--that gives us a chance to re-book the resources. In the event you cancel or reschedule in less than 3 days in advance, you will be charged for 20% of the projected fee or the time spent to date, whichever is greater.

That said, we understand that Arbitrations and Mediations usually involve attorneys and sometimes attorneys are required to appear in court regardless of whether they already have an Arbitration or Mediation scheduled. In the event a judge orders an attorney to appear in court for a conflicting matter less than 3 business days ahead of your scheduled Arbitration or Mediation, we ask that you send us details about your conflict. If you have such a conflict and you reschedule to a new date, you will not be charged for the original appointment date.



At the conclusion of your Arbitration or Mediation, the Arbitrator/Mediator will confirm the actual hours and the amount will be adjusted for the total time of preparation in addition to your total time in Arbitration/Mediation. This may be more or less than the projected total. Your bill will be adjusted accordingly. The adjusted fee will be divided among the parties per their agreement (less the deposit for the party who paid it). For family mediations and clients without an attorney, fees will be collected before departure on the day of the Arbitration or Mediation. For general civil mediations scheduled by an attorney, the attorney will be billed and will be expected to pay within 10 days.



We accept cash, all major credit cards, and automatic bank transfers (account number and routing number required to setup). Law firms paying on behalf of their client may also pay by firm check; personal checks are not accepted.


We appreciate your cooperation in helping us help you. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve your experience.