Attorney and Rule 31 Civil Mediator

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Jerry’s 36 years practicing trial law as both a plaintiff’s and defendant’s attorney in a wide variety of civil cases gives him rare perspective on the strength of a case and how it might fare in court. Jerry has handled cases that range from standard civil damage suits such as car wrecks and slip and falls to complex trademark violation cases, construction litigation, commercial litigation, contract disputes, real estate disputes and estate matters.  His resume includes domestic litigation and he is one of the few lawyers in the area who has defended a death penalty murder case at trial. With over 200 jury trials, countless bench trials and over 200 appellate arguments before almost every state and federal appellate court in the area, his resume lends the experience you want in a mediator.


Jerry brings to the table an innate sense of fairness along with a relaxed style that can help ease tense situations and get participants to focus on what they really need to reach an agreement. Jerry likes to say, “We go slow to go fast,” pacing discussions to allow negotiations to unfold as the participants grow increasingly comfortable.


Jerry has lived, loved, and worked with people from extraordinarily diverse backgrounds. From growing up in Brainerd in the 70’s to bar tending his way through law school to taking indigent criminal cases early in his law practice in the 80’s, and throughout his 36 years of practice, he’s seen it all. He’s as open and fair minded as is humanly possible. He has a keen sense of people and reads them well. A kind and gentle giant with a very big heart, he has a way of reaching people who may have trouble hearing a more direct personality.